augur hindsight

i come to bury caesar, not to praise him; the evil that men do lives after them


just run like hell. but with dignity

i have sent out a-many communications of various forms in altered states of mind — the fanciest way i can manage to say drunk dialling is no stranger of mine. if i had a say in it, drunk blogging would be illegal, but i don’t, so it isn’t. of course if you know me, you know i never drink.

i just came back from a terrific dinner with some friends. due to their unwavering friendship i have just realised, that the most useful thing in the world after bath-tubs and gaiters are these whatchamacallit — flat, flexible boards with holes in the form of fish and stars that you fill with water and put in the freezer so you have cool, meaningful looking ice for your drinks. wine drinkers don’t need these so they are losers.

so what has happened today? i have run out of czech money. actually that has happened 4 days ago and i haven’t spent a cent (called “halíř” around here) in 5+ days. the kind of world we live in, i’d call that olympian. go on, try it. i will wait 5 days. it’s not that it’s impossible, it’s just ... uncivilised. but i like it. also, the kind of world we live in, due to external pressure it came to an abrupt end and i had to modify my balance by cannibalising my very last cache of euros. after my 4 minute research, armed only with a downtown address and an undisclosed amount of euros (150) i set out to an exchange office.

it is funny how money changes people. i don’t mean the millions that make us into snotty hysterical aristocrats, but a few bucks. the moment i have stepped out, the money literally started burning my pocket. must be a law of physics or what. all i had eaten so far (6pm) was a piece of cucumber, so naturally my stomach tried to assume command, but as my next destination was a free degustation of the japanese cousin at a certain restaurant (and later the said dinner) i broke the chain of command and declared dictatorship.

prague, as such, is not new york city. but it is still possible to see imperial stormtroopers standing around at the old town square posing for photographs and a lady (perhaps from NYC) pointing at them exclaiming “star trek!” and running up to them to have her picture taken surrounded by guys wearing white plastic.

i love prague. i hope the relationship is mutual but you can never know with women [citation needed]. she has the best of both worlds, the beauty of a model without the pretentiousness, coupled with the intelligence and modesty of a librarian(ess).

it is a slow day in the czech capital and the restaurants are yawning with emptiness and i keep mistaking korean tourists for japanese. i hate that. they probably do too. i shut out the crowd then, summoning my personal bubble with the spell “earphones lvl 5” and i let myself get lost in what one might call a time-line contrast, a chronological discrepancy between the video and audio channels of my perception of reality: buildings born many hundreds of years ago but still babies, laboured into the world using nothing but joules produced by the metabolism of the perfect machine called “human body”, soundtracked by electronic beats made of pure love from bristol hovering at 140 bpm.

no newyorker can do that, not—or maybe—in a thousand years. and as we all know, by that time manhattan will be under water anyway. and i couldn’t find the blasted japanese restaurant in the end.

no newyorker can do that, not in a thousand years (well maybe then). but as we all know, by that time manhattan will be under water anyway. and i couldn’t find the blasted japanese restaurant in the end.