augur hindsight

i come to bury caesar, not to praise him; the evil that men do lives after them


chotto, god is an astronaut

‘twas another “nic night”; baby slash dog sitting with a friend, who only after a couple of loose years is able to glimpse parts of your essence easier and with more virtuosity than a lifelong buddy who keeps hitting quicksand.

i’ve decided to showcase my awesome cooking powers (again ...

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just run like hell. but with dignity

i have sent out a-many communications of various forms in altered states of mind — the fanciest way i can manage to say drunk dialling is no stranger of mine. if i had a say in it, drunk blogging would be illegal, but i don’t, so it isn’t. of ...

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dead jim, star trek is dead

nic said: “it is inevitable that you see star trek tomorrow on the big screen”, and to add weight to this, he added “i don’t mind paying for it, but that does not make it a date.”

so i said to dan: “it is inevitable that you see star ...

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welcome to augur hindsight

after a self-made dinner (a mixture of sea creatures on fried rice), a coffee (hand-ground from fresh beans and boiled with cardamon) and a cuba libre, sometimes around 03:45:12 i found myself amongst the open tabs of spiekerblog, slashdot, freedictionary and the list of my rss feeds that ...

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bunch of cockroaches and computational knowledge engines

“say hello to my little friend!”

the other day i watched again a long time favourite of mine, scarface (1983). actually, my interest in it rekindled after seeing cartman’s memorable performance in erection day.

apart from the tormenting soundtrack, scarface is a brilliantly done downward-spiral classic. another tough guy ...

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